Trin - Chattrin Suksasilp

I studied at Rydal Penrhos School during my Year 13 education. I knew Rydal Penrhos from UK Education Exhibition organized by British Council. At the event, I had an opportunity to meet and had conversations with Head Master and Deputy Head. As a result, I received the school information and the scholarship program. The school requested for the student’s previous academic performance and held a scholarship examination, responsible by CETA. An inspiration leading me to intend my studies in UK is that I am interested in psychology and UK is well-renowned for this field of study. Moreover, I used to study in UK before. With no surprise, I decided to study in UK. In terms of school evaluation, I determined tuition fees, boarding and schools. In case of Rydal Penrhos School, my first impression was my first school tour and I was granted the scholarship. No wonder, I definitely chose to study here.

As a scholarship student, I have to say that fundamental English proficiency is crucial. In addition, academic performance and extra-curricular activities are important. For me, I always prepare and sharpen my skills as I am preparing for IGCSE this year. The current academic year is my last one so I have to study quite hard for university admission. Besides, I have a lot of projects and other school activities to take care of. Rugby is a popular school activity as there are school-level rugby contests. However, I am a music lover. So, I decided to be a drummer. Fortunately, the school had few drummers at the time. Thus, I had a great chance to play with every school bands. It was such a great experience for me. In addition, I participated in drama plays. Also, I am interest in sailing which is not available in Thailand.

Speaking of the school ambience, everything is good. The friends are nice. The teachers are helpful. The teachers help me for my university advice and letter recommendation. In term of Boarding, living in a boarding makes me learn various cultures from foreign friends and I can understand wide perspectives understand others and apply theories to realities. Also, living in a boarding adjusts myself socially including social activities and time-management. The boarding staffs are also great, provide advice and ask my life as if they were my parents. I feel grateful and warm.

Studying in UK provides me knowledge including French. I gain more responsibility and understand others more. For my study, activity and living tips, I would say good time management is required. In addition, reviewing course syllabus before the new semester begins helps preparing oneself a lot.

Currently, I am interested in choosing Psychology & Linguistics as studying at Rydal makes me knowing a lot of people among different environments. This is the starting point making me wish to study psychology. At present, I am accepted by five universities I apply for. According to UCAS, “I am able to choose two universities for my final decision – Psychology & Linguistics at Oxford University and Psychology at Durham University.”

I would like to deliver the students who are interested in studying abroad that courage is important. When a chance comes to you, you should not dare to grab it. When you are not surrounded by opportunities, you have to take yourselves to the place surrounded by opportunities. Don’t dare to do what you never do. Furthermore, I think studying in UK provides independence in studying as the students are able to learn only the subjects they are interested in. This is appropriate for the students who wish for in-depth study./p>

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