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Health Insurance for International Students

NHS (National Health Service)

Ailments and accidents can happen at any time, and medical treatment abroad can be quite costly. The UK government has thus made it a requirement that all students have health insurance coverage. As such, as an international student, you would be entitled to medical services from the NHS (National Health Service). The UK has a lot of support and medical services available to foreign students.

How is the NHS important?

For foreign students studying in UK for 6 months and above who are required to apply for medical insurance would be entitled to request for medical, dental and other health services. The NHS (National Health Service) makes these services free of charge. There may be some extra fees on a case-by-case basis. Students studying in Scotland are also covered by NHS in Scotland.

During your first week at school, you could contact the school administration about signing up for your health insurance. After the insurance card has been issued, you should carry it with you at all times. The card will be needed to process medical fee reimbursements.

What do I do if I get sick?

If you go to a boarding school, inform the teacher or any staff on the school grounds to make an appointment with a General Practitioner – GP) to do a check-up and get medical prescriptions and other medical advices. The schools in UK are responsible to take care of students who stays at the school’s dormitory including vaccinations. For students who stays with host families, they could inform their guardian(s) directly.

What are covered by the insurance?

In general, the NHS covers some of the costs for a diagnosis and doctor’s fees, as well as treatment in the hospital for both emergencies and non-emergency cases. However, the insurance will not cover the cost for surgery, medicine and vaccinations.

What happens during emergencies?

In the case a student becomes unexpected ill; she/he would be immediately admitted to the hospital’s emergency ward without any cost. If there are any follow-up treatments such as necessary surgery, the services would be covered and charged according to the insurance policy.

Requests for reimbursement of medical expenses

In the case where the student has paid for the medical services covered by the insurance policy, they can apply for reimbursements of medical bills. This will require the following documents: passport, insurance card, hospital receipt and medical certificate. The student will need to fill in a reimbursement form to be submitted along with the other documents.