Student Services

Australia - Insurance

How is the OSHC important?

Ailments and accidents can happen at any time. Consequently, the cost of medical treatment abroad could be rather costly. To lighten the burden that may occur to students and parents, the Australian Government requires that every student (including international students) has health insurance coverage.

There are companies that provide health insurance for international students in Australia. One of which is the Allianze Global Assistance (OSHC Worldcare) Most of the application is processed via the schools.

During the first week of school, students should contact the school administration to obtain their health insurance. Once issued, every student should carry their health insurance card with them at all times. This card is then used to apply for reimbursements of medical expenses.

What do I do if I get sick?

If a student staying at the school dormitory feels sick, he/she can contact any teacher or school staff directly to make a medical appointment with a doctor, get a checkup and prescription accordingly. However, if the student is staying with a host, he/she should contact their Guardian, who would then be responsible to make an appointment with a doctor.

What is covered by the health insurance?

In general, the insurance will cover some of the costs of medical treatment, such as X-ray and ambulance, but does not cover the medical expenses arising from special treatments such as dental and anything relating to the eyes. However, the coverage varies between each insurance company and it is recommended that parents and students read the terms in detail.

How do I apply for medical reimbursements?

The student may have to pay the cost of medical treatment themselves first but would apply for reimbursement at a later stage. The required documents are as follows: Health Insurance Card, Receipt and Medical Certificate. In most cases, the student would receive the reimbursement immediately, however in some cases there is processing time required and the amount would be credited at a later stage.