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Australia - Guardianship

CETA’s Guardianship Services

CETA has been trusted by many schools to provide students with a Guardian to closely supervise students in each location. A highlight of CETA’s Guardianship service is to nurture students studying in Australia where the person appointed from CETA is engaged in consulting with the professional learning and academics side as well as having experience in social care and well-being. In the UK, the appointed person would be working with CETA UK and coordinate with the student’s parents. CETA gives priority to ensuring that the parents are always in the loop regarding the well-being of their children both in terms of academics and wellness. Parents would receive reports about their children at least once a month which would be closely supervised by Andrew and Tracey Gray. All Guardians selected by CETA are certified to work with children and have obtained a certificate from the Australian Government. Parents can rest assured that their child would be well cared for under CETA’s Guardianship program.

Details about CETA’s Guardianship Program

For Students
General Services
  • Responsible for students’ safety and well-being 24 hours every day.
  • Provide immediate support and be instantly reachable in the event of an emergency.
  • Help with opening a bank account or getting a mobile number.
  • Advise and inform students regarding any changes in the education system and school programs.
  • Inform students about the school rules and regulations to abide by, including class attendances.
  • Inform students about the laws of Australia that governs all individuals under the age of 18 such as buying cigarettes.
  • Record all student information with CETA
Academics and Self-development
  • Attend the students’ orientation on the first day of the semester and provide suggestions about the school subjects and aid for settling in such as the purchase of uniforms.
  • Meet and talk with the student about the self-development and provide advice to help student adapt.
  • Provide information about school activities and advice on time management to handle homework and other activities between classes appropriately.
The Laws and Regulations of the Government and Schools
  • Provides residential care for the student in consultation with educational institutions to determine the best accommodation.
  • Ensures that students have health insurance coverage for the duration of their studies in Australia.
Way of Living in Australia
  • During the first week, the Guardian will meet students at the school in order to facilitate and resolve any immediate issues or any that may arise in the future.
  • During weeks 2-6, the Guardian will check-in with students at least once a week.
  • After week 7 onwards, the Guardian will contact students once every 2 weeks for students who stay in the dormitory and once a month for those staying with a host family.
  • In the event that the host family is not able to take the student to visit a doctor when he/she gets sick, it is the responsibility of the Guardian to do so, as well as process the reimbursement process for the medical fees incurred.

For Parents

CETA would be in contact and discuss with the Guardian for the following items:

 In General
  • How the student is adapting to the new environment and new friends.
  • Check in on student to see if they have any problems including those such as feeling homesick or worried.
  • Coordinate residential arrangements for the students for both homestay as well as those staying at a boarding dormitory.
  • Manage any problems that may arise with the homestay or boarding house.
  • Act as the liason between the parents and the homestay or boarding house.
  • Inform parents of students grades.
  • Inform of any details received from the Parent/Teacher interview.
  • Provide guidance on subject selections.
  • Represent the student’s parents in giving permission for participation in events.
  • Represent the parents for all communication with the school.