Student Services

Australia - About Homestay

CETA provides homestay services to students who require living abroad while pursuing their academic careers. Each family that has been selected by CETA for Homestay, has been thoroughly assessed by local law enforcement to ensure every housing environment is suitable for the students. Homestays that are qualified for hosting students will receive a ‘Working with Children Certificate’, a certificate that verifies the host family is suitable to welcome students into their home. The homestay families are required to meet the needs of both students and parents, as well as supervise the students during their stay in Australia.

Why choose Homestay accommodation whilst studying in Australia?

After the UK and USA, and despite having a population of only 23 million, Australia receives the third highest number of international students in the world. A key factor to continue this success to continue to attract international students to Australian Education, is the high standard of delivering quality Homestay accommodation for international students.

Homestay accommodation is a special and rewarding experience for International students to be able to live and study in the safety and care of well selected homestay families.

The opportunity is created for a welcoming, personal, friendly and comfortable living experience for international students – enabling students to feel secure and not be distracted by problems whist they study to achieve their best for their academic future.