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Australia - CETA homestay services

What does CETA do as a Homestay Provider?

CETA is a professional organization that coordinates and manages all aspects of:

  • selecting and matching suitable host family’s for International students;
  • providing key information and support to Homestay families whilst they care for International students
  • monitoring the standards of Homestays for Schools , Parents, Guardians and International Education agents and
  • meeting all legal requirements for Duty of Care as is required by Australian law for the protection and welfare of International students.

CETA specializes in placement of students under 18 year of age into Homestay accommodation

What other services does CETA provide?

Once a suitable home is selected and screened and hosts undertake a thorough briefing given by CETA, students are matched to the right home according to a carefully designed application form that is used to collect relevant and accurate information regarding the requirements of the International student. Homes are selected within a reasonable travel distance and travel routes from the International student’s school. CETA has in place a sound sound system of guidelines and support to manage the whole process for :

  • Provision of clear Guidelines and advice manuals/tips for Homestays and International students based on CETA’s experience
  • Liaising with student, host family, appointed guardian, school and international education agent and provide each with appropriate support
  • Organizing contracts for International students and Homestays
  • Recording appropriate and up to date information for the student, parent and guardian
  • Working with Children, WWC and Police Check records for all homes used
  • Collecting Homestay fees in advance
  • Ensuring payments are made to host families via bank account on a monthly basis
  • Advising for suitable conflict resolution and opportunity to reach consensus for both the host family and International student
  • Changing Homestay for International students if circumstances are required
  • Providing a 24/7 emergency number for help

CETA’s 7 Effective strategies for hosting international students


Who provides this service for your child/ student

Tracey - Copy

Brief Background – Tracey Gray,

Tracey was born Melbourne, Australia and She is currently the joint Managing Director at CETA Worldwide Education, with her husband Andrew Gray

She is a graduate in Hotel Management/ Hospitality from Melbourne’s William Angliss College, an institute that is well-known internationally for its training expertise in hospitality studies. She is also a Frontline Management Initiative Program graduate from Melbourne and holds a TEFL Level A certificate from ECC, Thailand

Tracey’s previous experience included careers in the tourism, hospitality and wine industry.  Tracey was restaurant and training manager at Dennys restaurant. Tracey also assisted in the build-up of the De Bortoli  Winery and Tourism  restaurant in the famous Yarra Valley to an award winning status,  and taught hospitality and tourism studies at Swinburne University, Melbourne,  Australia.

Tracey is responsible for operations in the Australian office of CETA that includes a high level of service as Guardian to International students and also as a hHomestay host herself.

Tracey lived in Thailand from  2005 – 2012 and gained extensive experience in International Secondary School Education both through her own children at Tri-lingual schools and through Student counseling at CETA , liaising with Australian Schools providers marketing in Thailand, AEAS testing  and leading short term study tour programs to many countries.

These short term educational study tours take up to 200 secondary students a year overseas to experience study in their “summer” holidays -to give Thai and other international students a meaningful and enjoyable experience on tour. For many students, this is their first taste of life overseas and Tracey ensured that a high level of service is provided for every student – from program development, pre- program visits to homestays, schools and attractions, to providing professional support to CETA Study tour coordinators.

As a result of the study tour work by Tracey and the study tour team, many students return to Australia and other countries for full time study within a short period.

Tracey has 3 adult children (2 at University and 1 completed studies) who achieved outstanding success in their career/ study to date and two young children who attend Private Secondary School and Primary School in Melbourne.

She enjoys cooking, entertaining, family activities, swimming, yoga and traveling. Tracey speaks English and Thai