United States of America

About USA

Capital City: Washington D.C.

Area: 9,629,091million square kilometers

Population : 324 million people (June 2016)

Currency: United States Dollar (USD)


The United States of America is the third or fourth biggest country in the world. Its area (i.e. land and water) is smaller than that of Russia and Canada, but it is bigger than that of China. However, the calculation of the area depends on whether or not the border conflict between China and India is considered as well as the method for calculating the total area of the United States.

The United States has various geographical characteristics. That is, it has forests, deserts, mountains, highlands, and lowlands. It has the mainland covering the areas of 48 states and Washington D. C. Alaska is in the northern part of Canada, Hawaii is in Pacific Ocean.


All kinds of climates can be found in the United States from polar climate
(-40 degree Celsius) to desert climate (45 degree Celsius). The lowest temperature is in January, while the highest temperature is in July.

Summer June – August

Fall September – November

Winter December – February

Spring March – May


Since this country is very big, different time zones are set as follows:

Eastern Time Zone (EST) : this is 12 hours slower than that of Thailand. However, summer is one hour faster than usual (i.e. Daylight Saving Time). As a result, it is slower than Thailand for 13 hours. The main cities in EST are Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, and Cleveland.

Central Time Zone it is 13 hours slower than that of Thailand. Nevertheless, there is Daylight Saving Time during March and April. Hence, it is 14 hours slower than that of Thailand. The main cities in this zone are Chicago and New Orleans.

Pacific Time Zone this is 15 hours slower than that of Thailand. Nonetheless, the Daylight Saving Time is during March and April. Consequently, it is 16 hours slower than Thailand. The main cities in this zone are San Francisco, Seattle, and Hawaii.

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Daylight Saving is the time adjustment during fall. In other words, the time is one hour faster than usual. The time is adjusted on the last Sunday of October.
The time is adjusted again in order to make it one hour slower than this on the first Sunday of April. 

Cultures and Living

The United States has democratic administration in the federal form. It has
50 states and one administrative district (i.e. Washington D.C.) that is the administrative center of the national government. The government activities are stated in the constitution. The activities that are not stated such as educational management, road maintenance policy, or police activities are under responsibility of each state with its own constitution and laws. 


The United States provides the freedom of religion. Its people can choose to have or not to have any religion. The most popular religion is Protestantism. 

Electricity and Water Supply

The electric power system commonly used in this country has 110 Volts and
60 cycles. This is different from that in Thailand. Hence, a foreigner should carry an adapter that can be found in any general department store and electric appliance shop.

The water supply system of the United States is very clean. Its quality is well checked. The water is safely drinkable. 

States and Interesting Cities

Rhode Island

The nickname of the smallest state in the United States is the “Ocean State”.
It is on the eastern coast in New England. The capital city of the state is Providence. This city has beautiful nature, long history, and old architecture. The important educational institutes are Rhode Island School of Design (i.e. the educational institute considered as No. 1 design institute in the United States), Roger Williams University, and Brown University.


It is on the southeast part of the county. Its capital city is Tallahassee. Not only many amusement parks, but it is laso a place gathering people who love challenging water activities. It also has Kennedy Space Center, where rockets or spaceships are launched. Hence, this state is famous in terms of aerospace engineering, space technology, and water technology.


It is on the southwest part of the country. One of its sides is a seacoast adjacent to Pacific Ocean. The area from its center to its northern part is valley. It has many national parks. Its capital city is Sacramento. However, the biggest city is Los Angeles, where is the center of film industry. There are many ethnic groups of people. Each ethnic group uses its native language rather than English. It also has Silicon Valley, where is the center of technologies.

New York

New York is considered as the center of economy and fashion of this country.
The capital city of this state is New York City, which has the highest number of people in this country. Not only brand name shops, but there are various architectural styles including classic and temporary ones as well as skyscrapers. The landscapes outside the city are totally different from that in the city. That is, there are big houses without fence. There may be barns close to houses.


The city is on the northwest part of the county. It is adjacent to Canada. Its capital city is Olympia. The biggest city is Seattle. Not only many European people, but there are many Asian people including Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Thai ones. It is considered as the state that is quite isolated from other states. It is appropriate for education.


It is on the northeast part of the county. It is not a big state. The city plan is well designed. The city is clean and safe. The capital city is Boston, where is the biggest city in New England. It is also the oldest, wealthiest, and most important city in terms of culture in the country. Furthermore, it is considered as an important education center in this country since it has over 100 universities and colleges, especially for Harvard University, where is the oldest university in this country.