United Kingdom


Student Visa

Documents for Student Visa Application

1. Visa application form. Applicants are to fill-in in English online at https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/

2.  Appendix 8 form (General Student Over 18) or Apendix 9 form (Child Student Under 18) for financial proof. Fill in the form according to your bank information

3. Visa application fees of 506 USD (to be paid via credit card, VISA or Mastercard)

4. Passport copy as well as original which has at 6 months validity from the travel date. Bring also all expired passports (if any)

5.  Appointment slip for submission of visa documents. After filling in the online form and having paid the visa application fees, print the appointment slip which should be submitted along with all the other visa application documents.

6. 2-inch photo with white background (x1). Must be a photo taken in the past 6 months.

7. Financial statement from the bank (either the original bank book or a bank statement). For bank book, it must show active transaction for the past 28 days. The total balance in the bank book must show an amount enough for payment of the 1st year’s tuition fees which has not yet been paid and the amount should have been in the account for longer than 28 days. The bank account name must match the student’s name or that of the student’s parents (or legal guardian). A Bank Guarantee Letter, no older than one month is also required. The letter must state that this balance has been in the account for more than 28 days.

8. Student placement letter from the educational institute (CAS) and evidence of school fee payments.

9. Copy of parent’s passports

10. Student’s as well as the parent’s (or legal guardian) copy of official ID card, name change certificate, marriage certificate (divorce certificate), house registration. Birth certificate of the student is also required.

11. Letter of consent from both parents that states their child is permitted to travel abroad for further studies.

12. All transcripts, school certificates, grades and any other academic achievements in the past; including any graduation documents. All documents must be in English and applicants must bring the original copies.

13. Evidence of work and financial support. In case the applicant runs a self-owned business, the business registration certificate is required.

14. Proof of accommodation arrangement during the applicant’s studies. In the case that a relative, friend or patron is the guarantor, the following details must be provided: location name, address and rental agreement (if applicable).

15. Health checkup certificate (IOM) (see details in following document)


* A copy of all the documents submitted but also be prepared and signed as certified copies.

* All Thai documents must be translated into English by a licensed translation service provider.

Health Check (Tuberculosis)

1. Call the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) at 02-234-7950-5 Monday – Friday from 8.00 AM to 17.00 PM

2. Prepare the following documents

• Original passport and a copy

• Original ID card and a copy

• Photograph 2-inches (x2) Photo be taken in the past 6 months

• 3,300 THB cash

3. Register, submit document and pay the 3,300 THB fees at IOM center located at ECS building (BTS Saladaeng Exit 3) from 9.00 -12:00 PM and 13.00 – 15.00 PM

4. Bring the documents for the health checkup. There are 2 hospital options: Phayathai 2 Hospital and Bangkok Christian Hospital

5. After completing the health check-up, submit the document at ECS building to receive the tuberculosis screening confirmation letter from IOM

Where to apply and submit visa documents

Trendy Building, 28th Floor

Sukhumvit 13 Klongtoey Nua

Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Monday to Friday from 08:30-15:00
Weekends (additional service fee)
Saturday from 8:30-12:00

Travel Visa

Documents for a UK Travel Visa

1. Copy of your passport which must be valid for 6 months after travel date and all old passports (if any)

2. Complete the e-visa application form in English from  https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/

3. Visa application appointment. After having paid for the visa processing fee and filled-in the visa application form, applicants are to print the appointment slip and submit this together with all the other application documents.

4. 2-inch photograph with white background (x1)

5. Copy of ID card or birth certificate (for applicants younger than 15 years old) along with a copy of the applicant’s and his/her guardians’ house registration

6. Copy of name-change document and marriage certificate of applicant’s guardian (if any)

7. Student status confirmation letter from school or university incase applicant is a student

8. Financial evidence. There are 2 options to provide as follows:

– Account statement in English from the bank in pounds. The account should show at least 250,000 THB.

– Copy of bank book that shows all transactions for the past 6 months and sign-off on the copies. The latest transaction should show and there must be at least 250,000 THB in the account.

9. Work certificate of the account owner that shows the job position, starting date, salary and vacation days (for applicants who are working) or if applicants run a business, prepare a copy of the business registration certificate no older than 3 months with a company stamp and signature.

10. Letter of consent from parents (if applicant is younger than 18 years old) along with copy of the first page of the passport, ID card copy and both parent’s house registration.

11. Copy of round-trip air ticket

12. Evidence on accommodation arrangements or a Visa Letter from the school

13. Visa application fee paid via credit card for the amount of 142 USD. For a 6 months visa.


* Every document should have an extra copy and signed as certified copy

Where to apply for and submit visa application documents

Trendy Building, 28th Floor

Sukhumvit 13, Kongtoey Nua

Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Time (appointment time):

Monday – Friday 8:30 – 15:00

Time (submit visa application outside working hours – include service fee):

Saturday 8:30 – 12:00