United Kingdom


The UK takes the safety and welfare of all students very seriously. Therefore, the law requires that all students under the age of 18 must have a Guardian for the duration of their studies in the UK; whereby the Guardian must be a permanent resident as follows:

  • Type 1   One of the student’s parents has a relative, friend or close acquaintance living in the United Kingdom and is able to visit the school for parent-teacher meetings. The guardian should also be reachable at all times for emergency cases.
  • Type 2 The school as a Guardianship service provided for parents of international students. This may be with or without additional fees depending on the school.
  • Type 3 A professional search company handles the search and recruitment of a Guardian for the student. These companies should also provide facilities such as meeting up with students at the airport and transferring to the school grounds, as well as provide a host family for students during mid-term holidays and other school holidays.

Currently, professional search companies and the UK government work together to ensure that all students are achieving the best possible care. There are many companies that pass strict inspections and are certified to take care of foreign students. Parents are however, advised to read all the details and fine-prints before making a decision as the coverage, services and costs differs between companies.

  • Type 4  The education agency, otherwise locally known as The Office of Education Affairs (OEA) takes responsibility over the student’s well-being. The OEA’s duty is to provide advice and help resolve issues related to education and the lives of students. The agency is located at 28 Prince Gate, London, SW7 1PT.

Guardianship Examples

  • Keep track of student’s progress at school. Attend parent-teacher meetings and report to the student’s parents on any updates
  • Provide students with homestay during the weekend, mid-term holidays and other public holidays in the case that students are not returning home during school holidays.
  • Provide transportation and help students transfer between airport, homestay and school trips when necessary.
  • Help and advice students on how to best adjust to the new environment and regulations of the school.
  • Regularly contact students and support students in the event a problem or concern comes up.
  • Reachable by the school, parents and the students 24-hours every day.