United Kingdom

About UK

The Terrain

UK is located off the northwestern coast of continental Europe. The island consists of 2 main islands: Great Britain (which covers England, Scotland, and Wales) and the island of Ireland. UK’s terrain is made up mostly of mountains, especially in Scotland where you would find the tallest mountain in the British Isles. In the southern part of the UK, you would find thousands of islands, large and small.

Highlighted Countries and Cities

UK is made up of 4 countries as follows:

  • England (Capital city: London)
  • Scotland (Capital city: Edinburgh)
  • Wales (Capital city: Cardiff)
  • Northern Ireland (Capital city: Belfast)

Traveling from Thailand

UK has several International airports with the most well-known being London Heathrow Airport, located in the heart of London. There are both direct and connecting flights from Thailand to England. Direct flights are offered by Thai Airways, Eva Air, British Airways and Qantas. For connecting files, the flight duration depends on each airline but transit could take around 12 hours. Connecting flights are offered by Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Jet Airways and Qatar.


เGiven that the UK is an Island, the weather throughout the year is relatively cold, humid and have lots of rain. The temperature during winder ranges between 5 to 7 degrees Celsius with snow in the northern, central and west areas. The temperature in summer ranges getween 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. The south and south-eastern regions tend to be warmer. UK has 4 seasons as follows:

  • Spring: March – May
  • Summer: June – August
  • Fall: September – November
  • Winter: December – February

  • Capital City: London
  • Area: 242,514 square kilometers
  • Population: 51.5 million (August 2556)
  • Pound Sterling (£)

  • Capital City: Cardiff
  • Area: 20,779 square kilometer
  • Population: 3.1 million (August 2556)
  • Pound Sterling (£)

Northern Ireland
  • Capital City: Belfast
  • Area: 13,843 square kilometer
  • Population: 1.8 million (August 2556)
  • Pound Sterling (£)

  • Capital City: Edinburgh
  • Area: 78,772 square kilometer
  • Population: 51.44 million (October 2558)
  • Pound Sterling (£)

Time Zones

The United Kingdom is around 6-7 hours behind Thailand. During late March to late October the time in UK is 6 hours behind Thailand and at the end of October to late March, 7 hours behind.

Culture and Living

British locals have been dubbed as sophisticated and of high-upbringing. This is in fact due to the weather which forces the people to wear a hat, a coat and an umbrella as well as dress modestly. British people are known for their formal personalities and do not tend to express themselves in public such as talking to strangers on a public transport. Rarely will you see a British person shout or whistle while watching theater performances. The United Kingdom is a polite society. They are sometimes misunderstood by foreigners as unfriendly but in fact, British people have compassion and love to help others.

Educational System

The UK educational system is where the oldest and most established schools, universities and institutions come from. The UK secondary education is known as the archetype of the education system worldwide. Besides a strong focus on academics, the system instills discipline and morality. The system emphasize student to self-study and discover many things on their own.

The educational system is divided into 4 levels: Primary, Secondary, Vocational and Higher Education. This applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The education system in Scotland is quite different. The schools are divided into public and private schools. Foreign students are able to attend both private and public schools according to the terms of the student visa.

Electricity and Water

The electrical power in UK is 240 V. AC 50 Hz. The plugs are 3-pin plugs so if you want to use appliances from Thailand you’ll need to buy an adapter. The water is clean and you can drink from the tap in houses and public areas alike.


The majority of the people in UK are Christian. However, because the UK has no restrictions on religion there are also many other religions found in the region such as Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.

Politics and Government

The UK has a parliamentary democracy whereby the royal family and the King is still recognized and the Prime Minister leads the council that is divided into two: The Senate and the House of the Lords (or the lower chamber by the High Council).

Interesting Cities
  • North East England  The North East region of England is one that has historical significance. This region is where thousands of year old castles and cathedrals are found as well as a landmark that was picked up by the UNESCO World Heritage. It is also known for its unspoiled beaches, mountains, forests and important cities such as Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland.
  • North West England  The Northwest region is where a touch of the culture and historical remains of the old industrial city could be found. Manchester city is at the very center of this region and is the world’s first industrial city. It has also been recognized as the second city of the UK. Liverpool is another leading city in this region known for its unique art and architecture. The two cities are also well-known worldwide when it comes to football.
  • Yorkshire and the Humber  Yorkshire and the Humber region is almost two thousand years old and is where many of the country’s ancestors came from, hence there is plenty of historical evidence. The region is characterized by a beautiful natural environment of large cities such as Sheffield, York, Leeds and Middleborough.
  • East Midlands  The central area covering the middle east is also known as the Midlands, a very colorful city. This region is a rather quiet rural area and where major traditional cities such as Notthingham, Dergby and Leicester are found.
  • West Midlands  The Central West region is one of the two regions of the UK. The population density varies largely in this area from sparsely populated counties in the west of the country to large cities such as Birmingham, Conventry and Stratford upon Avon.
  • East of England  East of England retains a lot from its past. This area is where you would find lots of peace and privacy. A huge area to the south is a residential place for those who work in London. It is just about 1 hour by bus from London and easily accessed by train from large cities such as Cambridge, Essex and Colchester. This is also where Cambridge University if located.
  • Greater London  Greater London is a capital city and the second most populous. It is also one of the cities that is not by the sea.
  • South East England  This region is ranked second in economic growth after London and has the highest population in the country. The old town is known for traditional beauty treatment while the new city has a modern twist to it. There are a lot of universities in this region and may large cities such as Brighton & Hove which is where the traditional Fish & Chips dish originated from, as well as important cities such as Oxford, Surrey, Kent and Guildford.
  • South West England  The Southwest region is on the southern tip of England and has the longest coastline. It attracts a lot of tourists each year. Most of the area is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and partially attached to the Welsh region. This area is famous for the production of food such as Cheddar cheese, Cream tea and Cider. Large cities found in this region include Bristol, Bournemouth and Bath.
  • Wales  Wales is located in the southwest of the island of Great Britain and has a majorly coastal landscape with lots of mountains and lakes. Since the land is unique, over the years, the region developed its own unique culture. There are many thousands of year’s old castle as well as a Welsh Celtic literature and art found. The people are very friendly and warmly welcome visitors. Despite using English to communicate the local people also have their own local language: Welsh.
  • Scotland  Scotland is a land of historical importance in the world. Located at the north end of the island of Great Britain, it holds only one-third and one-tenth the population of the United Kingdom. Scotland is also known as the land of enchantment. The atmosphere is quiet, beautiful and abundant in natural surroundings. The Scots are said to be warm and friendly. Large cities found in this region include Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.
  • North Ireland  Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and is separate from the Republic of Ireland. Located in the northwest of continental Europe, the area is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea. The terrain is mostly rural and has a low cost of living. Here you’ll find majestic castles scattered all over the place. North Ireland is renowned as one of the friendliest cities in the world. Large cities in the region include Belfast and Londonderry.