Secondary School – Application Process

Step 1: Choosing a School
  • Research for school information and receive recommendations from CETA’s consultants.

Step 2: Application
  • Fill in the application form.
  • Attach grades for the current academic year and last year in English with a copy of the first page of Passport. If the student has taken IELTS or TOFEL test please also submit test scores in the application.
  • Pay an application fee.

Step 3: Offer Letter
  • Receive an acceptance letter from the institution.

Step 4: Pay for School Fees
  • Pay the school tuition fees defined in the invoice.
  • Sign the registration form for confirmation and send it back to the school.

Step 5: ICA
  • After the payment is accepted. the school will submit “Student Pass” for  ICA ( Immigration and checkpoints Authority of Singapore )

Step 6: Booking Flights
  • Students can book the flight.

Step 7: Informing the School
  • Inform the school indicating the student’s date of departure to get the “Student Pass” at school.