Required Documents to Apply for a Visa
  1. One (1) photocopied set of the applicant’s passport.
  2. Applicants must fill and print out the form with the provided barcode:
    1. Application for a Study Permit – IMM1294
    2. Family Composition Information – IMM5645
    3. Documents can be retrieved from: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/e-services/study-outside.asp
  3. Four (4) non-altered passport photos with a white background. Recommended photo dimensions are: 1.37 x 1.77 inches. Photos should not exceed more than six months from the date the photo was taken.
  4. Pay Visa fee in the amount of $150 CAD. The fee can be paid through Cashier’s Check and Bank Drafts. The amount is made payable to “The Embassy of Canada” or “The Canadian Embassy”.
  5. Applicants must provide the Acceptance Letter from the education institution and these details:
    1. The student’s full name and address.
    2. Student’s date of birth.
    3. Course registration.
    4. Course start and end date.
  6. For students who plan on studying in Quebec must submit Certificated d’ acceptation” (Quebec Certificate of Acceptance or CAQ), issued by Ministere des Communautes Culturelles et de l’Immigration du Quebec or MCCI.
  7. Original transcript and copy and additional Diplomas and Degrees.
  8. Financial Evidence
    1. Financial statement from Passbook savings depicting the last 12 months with transactions.
    2. Letter of Recommendation from the sponsor detailing salary or Registration Certificate with additional details referring to financial support in the case of the sponsor is the owner of the business.
    3. In the case the applicant has received a scholarship; the applicant must provide evidence of characteristics, conditions and the grant received from the educational institution.
  9. Applicants who plan on staying longer than 6 months must perform a Medical Examination.
  10. Applicants younger than 18 years of age must provide these additional documents:
  • The Custodian Declaration form must have the form stamped with a Notary Public stamp from the applicant’s parents, guardian or lawyer authorizing the student to be rightfully under a caretaker during their stay in Canada. The document will state the name of the student and the caretaker. In the case of an emergency such as in sickness or urgent medical attention, the caretaker will be granted permission to be involved in any and all decision-making processes.
  • Criminal Record Checking is not required.
  • Birth Certificate.
  1. Applicants over the age of 18 years old must submit a “Police Clearance Certificate” and must have their criminal records checked by the Royal Thai Police. This process takes approximately 15 days to complete.

Submitting a Police Clearance Certificate
  1. The applicant’s ID card and one (1) copy of the ID card.
  2. The applicant’s passport and one (1) copy of the passport.
  3. One (1) set of House Registration documents.
  4. One (1) set of documents referring to any previous name changes.

Important Notice:

  • All submitted documents must be signed and authorized as true and correct.
  • Do not submit any photos.
  • No additional fees.