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Glenlyon Norfolk School

Glenlyon Norfolk School

Address: 801 Bank St. Victoria, British Columbia, V8S 4A8, Canada

Website :www.mygns.ca

Philosophy and Special Features

In all of the 1,687 schools in North America and the Caribbean, The Glenlyon Norfolk School is 1 out of 25 schools in the region that teaches the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. The school prepares students by offering various programs to help prepare students for the IB Program: Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP). The school offers a homestay programs, under the implication of strict rules and regulations. Those who can enter the homestay program must be affiliated with the school: Teachers, employees or parents and guardians of the student. However, it is strictly forbidden for outsiders to enter the homestay program.

In 2012, the school was awarded the title ‘Top Coeducational School’ in British Columbia.


The Glenlyon Norfolk School is a coeducational school, established in 1913. Currently, the school has approximately 700 people, including students and staff. Out of the 700 people, there are currently 44 international students at the school.

In 2013, the school celebrated its 100th anniversary in being the leading pioneer in education in British Columbia. The school is a proud member of the International Baccalaureate Organization, Round Square, CAIS, ISABC and NAIS.

The Glenlyon Norfolk School has over 150 courses, more than 50 extracurricular activities and 25 types of sports and art programs.


The school is located in Victoria, British Columbia, situated 10 minutes away from downtown and 30 minutes away from the Victoria International Airport.

Richmond Government Schools

Richmond Government Schools

Philosophy and Special Features

Public schools in Richmond are schools under the Ministry of Education in British Columbia (BC). Public schools in Richmond accept students starting from elementary to Year 12. International students are accepted into Year 8 and onwards.

In 1906, the Government of Canada began to establish schools in Richmond, British Columbia. Many of these schools were located in suburbs, close to the city of Vancouver. Schools in Richmond are composed of 37 elementary schools and 10 other secondary schools. This statistic makes Richmond the 5th largest area with the most public schools and students. In total, there are approximately 23,000 students and 420 international students in these public schools to date.

To be able to teach in British Columbia, teachers must possess an Education Certificate, degree or qualification from Department of Education from a university.


Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is located in Richmond which makes traveling to the schools extremely convenient. A ride to and from the airport will take approximately 10-20 minutes.

Curriculum and Qualifications

Students will be able to enter the school year in either September or February. In doing so, students will have the option to choose the following: Enroll for one semester or enroll for the entire year. Students who choose to enroll for one semester will be allowed to choose only 4 courses per semester. For students who choose to enroll for the entire year, they will gain more flexibility in choosing 8 courses such as: English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies Geography, History, Computer Programs and Physical Education.


The school will be in charge of finding homestay for the student.

Support Services for International Students

Public schools in Richmond offer ESL courses for international students who require further development and guidance in the language. If the student wishes to strengthen their English skills or require general help, students will be able to contact the school for further assistance and instructions.