Education System

The Canadian educational system varies according to each of its 10 provinces. Each Canadian province has its very own distinct school system. Students attend school through kindergarten (ages 4-5 years old), elementary school (ages 5-13 years old) and high school (ages 14-18 years old). Students will be enrolled in the school for 12 years with the exception of Quebec; students will be enrolled for 13 years.

Public schools in Canada hold a higher number of students than Private Schools due to the larger amount of local and international students. Each student enrolled in a Canadian public school is ethnically diverse, coming from various nationalities, cultures and traditions from around the globe. Public Schools are supported by the Canadian Government in each province across Canada.

Many public schools in Canada are recognized for the school’s subjects and interactive English programs. These programs are built to support the international student into developing a strong, English foundation while studying in Canada.

Students will be residing with CETA’s hand-picked host families. The host family will take students out for small excursions and activities and teach the students about Canadian culture.

In Canada, a typical school year will begin in September and ends in June. Dates for school openings and closings are determined by each individual province.