Secondary School Visit

School Visit

CETA provides students and parents the opportunity to visit the school the students may wish to attend in Australia. The Campus Tour allows both parents and students to ensure the school has the resources and facilities available to comfortably accommodate the student through his or her academic career. Not only will they experience an extensive tour of the campus and its facilities, the tour allows both students and parents to interact with the teachers and staff of the school.

Services Covered

  • Manage appointments with administrative staff at the school in charge of international students (including private & government schools).
  • Advice will be provided by the Director of CETA or Thai counselors while traveling.
  • Airport transfers to and from accommodation between 9.00-17.00 hours.

Parent Testimonial after School Visit with CETA

“Australia is truly the perfect place for education. I had the opportunity to visit the school with CETA before I sent my child there. I believe the visit to the school plays an important role for parents in their decision making process. I got to see the environment and atmosphere. From my experience, I would highly recommend services of CETA and their guardianship services which helps to advise parents on the best possible future for my child.”

Details Costs

Please contact CETA staff for more information at 02-712-5300