Secondary School – Application Process

Step 1:  Choosing a School (2 weeks or more)

Researching for school information:

  • CETA consultants provide school information and recommendations.
  • Visit schools in the UK and have CETA help make appointments with each school.

Step 2: AEAS Test (Test results are announced in the next 2 weeks)

Some schools may require the student’s AEAS test results for admission consideration.

Step 3: Application

CETA staff will help applicants during the application process and coordinate with the institution, free of charge.

Step 4: Offer Letter (1 – 2 weeks)

Students will receive an Acceptance Letter from the institution, enclosing full details on school expenses. The letter will include the following details:

  • Details of the applicant
  • Start year and graduation year
  • Payment for the first school year (including tuition fees) and health insurance fees
  • Parent’s name while students study in Australia

Step 5: Pay for School Fees

Pay school tuition fees and send proof of payment to CETA.

  • CoE, CAAW  (1 – 2 weeks): Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or a letter confirming the student’s status the school issued after payment (and tuition) is made and processed.Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welcome (CAAW) or a document stating the student’s choice of residency identifies who the student will be staying with during their time in the country.

**Note: This is in the case the student does not have any relatives in the country and therefore, must stay with a homestay family or boarding facility.

  • Visa Process (1-2 weeks): CETA will be the student’s representative in requesting the student’s Visa online in the case the student is not present.

Step 6 Pre-departure from CETA

Before the date of departure, a CETA official will provide the student with essential information about traveling and living in Australia.

Documents for Application

  • Completed application form with the applicant’s photo.
  • A transcript documenting the last 2 years in school. English transcript required.
  • AEAS test results (if students have this).
  • Letter of Recommendation from the school.
  • Other related documents or otherwise noted in the application form.
  • Registration fee (if provided in the application form).

** Remark: Documents and duration depends on the following:

  1. Course registration dates.
  2. Educational institute.

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