The Australian government recognizes the safety and welfare of all students and therefore, places great emphasis on students under the age of 18 to have parental supervision at all times. For students under 18 studying in Australia, students must fulfil one of the two scenarios by the Australian government in order to live and study in the country:

Scenario 1 Students living with their parents, direct relatives or Guardians must be qualified by the Australian government. Relatives who are qualified to be with the student during their time of study in Australia must be directly related: Father, mother, brother(s), sister(s), grandfather(s), grandmother(s), uncle(s) and aunt(s).

These personnel must be over 21 years of age and must possess the legal right to live in Australia until the student is 18 years of age or until the student’s Visa expires.

Those who are qualified to look after the student must pass a criminal background check by law enforcement and must possess the Working with Children Certificate issued by the Australian government.

Scenario 2 For students without any relatives living in Australia, the Australian government will grant the school permission and responsibility for the student’s welfare. In the case of the student requiring a Guardian, the Guardian will be selected from a strict criteria imposed by the school to ensure the Guardian works closely with the school and student.