Education System

CETA is recognised by the Australian government as an official representative for schools in all states of Australia. In general, schools in Australia will only accept international students Year 7 and above but for students who are looking to study in elementary, CETA can help provide consultation and process applications.

Types of Schools

There are typically 2 kinds of schools in Australia, a Day School (Government and Private schools) where students go to school and come home in the afternoon and Boarding School (only Private schools).

Subject Courses

Australian secondary schools have a variety of subjects to select from depending on the students interests. The main subject courses consist of English, Mathematics, Science, Social and Environmental Studies, Design and Technology, the Arts (visual and performing) and Physical Education. Students are able to select from these courses according to their strengths and preferences. Schools also provide a Career Counselor to help advise students select subjects most suitable for their future career path.

In general, students choose 4-5 main core subjects which align with the subjects and courses they will study further in University/ College. Subjects, courses and grades in Year 11 and 12 will have a major impact when it comes time to selecting the course they want to attend after completing their secondary studies. Australia does not have an entrance exam, so everything is based on the average grades and results during the final exam which is assessed by the states board of education.


The exact starting date of the school year differs from state to state in Australia. In general, the year begins in early February with 4 terms of about 10 weeks in length with a 2 week holiday between terms. For the Thai student that is applying, if you have an IELTS (5.5) or TOEFL (500) and good grades you can continue further studies right away. E.g. If you have just completed m.3 in Thailand, you can continue studying in Year 10 (m.4) in Australia but if the students grades are not that good, then there is a slight possibility that they will have to repeat the grade. If the student does not have English grades, they are eligible to take the AEAS test at CETA. Please contact CETA for more information about taking the test.