Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme is a programme committed to aiding international students planning on studying in Australian universities. Students will be taught courses from Year 11 – 12 for the duration of a year, including basic subjects based on the discipline the student wants to enter in their undergraduate programme. The Foundation Programme is divided into three types of courses: Arts, science and business management.

Admission Criteria for the Foundation Programme

  • Students from Thailand must graduate high school or anything equivalent to Grade 12.
  • IELTS score must be 5.0 or higher. TOEFL scores must be 500 or higher.
  • GPA must not be lower than 2.5. If the student successfully passes every subject in the Foundation Programme, the student will be allowed to continue their studies into their undergraduate career.

The Foundation Programme is open three times a year: February, July and September depending on the school. However, some school’s Foundation Programmes only open twice per year: February and July.

Institutions Offering the Foundation Course

  1. Taylor College
  2. RMIT university


Certificate courses highly emphasise on teaching students basic skill sets, knowledge and laying down a practical foundation for students who wish to pursue in a particular academic field. There are four types of Certificate levels; Level 1 to Level 4 (Certificate I – IV). The duration of study will be from six months to one year.

Admission Criteria for Certificate Courses

  • Certificate 1 and Certificate 2 – Graduated from high school (Grade 10 – 12) with an IELTS score of 5.0 – 5.5.
  • Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 – Graduated from high school (Grade 10 – 12) with an IELTS score of 5.5.

Institutions Offering Certificate Courses

  1. Academia International
  2. Boxhill
  3. Canning College
  4. Cambridge International College
  5. Holmesgen
  6. Martin College
  7. MIBT
  8. NMIT
  9. Ozford
  10. PIBT
  11. TAFE Queensland
  12. TAFE NSW
  13. TAFE South Australia
  14. TAFE Western Australia


Diploma courses focus on teaching students theoretical and technical skills and promote critical and creative thinking. The duration of the programme approximates to two years. The courses offered are suitable for students planning to continue into their undergraduate career and earn their undergraduate degree. Credits earned through the courses will be considered by the faculty as one year’s worth of university credits.

Diploma Admissions Criteria

  • High school equivalent; grade 10 – 12
  • Must have an IELTS result of 5.5

Institutions Offering Diploma Courses

  1. Boxhill
  2. Canning College
  3. Cambridge International College
  4. CQ University
  5. Holmsglen
  6. Holmes
  7. Martin College
  8. MIBT
  9. NMIT
  10. Ozford
  11. PIBT
  12. TAFE Queensland
  13. TAFE NSW
  14. TAFE South Australia
  15. TAFE Western Australia

Advanced Diploma 

Courses relating to Advanced Diploma require full-time study and courses must be achieved within 2-3 years. Advanced Diploma courses are similar to Diploma courses but credit-wise, Advanced Diploma credits are worth more. The semester begins in early February and runs to early December and is divided into two semesters, similar to universities. There are English courses open year round for students to undertake and for private colleges; vocational training is offered in a variety of disciplines as well.

Advance Diploma Admission Criteria

  • High school equivalent; Grade 10 – 12
  • Must have an IELTS result of 6

Institutions Offering Courses for Advanced Diplomas

  1. Academia International
  2. Boxhill
  3. Holmsglen
  4. NMIT
  6. TAFE South Australia
  7. TAFE Western Australia