AEAS Test (Australian Education Assesment Services)

AEAS is an examination and a standard accepted by schools in Australia since 1985. The aim of AEAS is to allow schools to correctly gauge and measure the student’s knowledge and skills. The AEAS test takes approximately 3 hours and is divided into 3 parts:

  • English (depending on the student’s level): 1.5 – 2 hrs
  • Mathematics: 45 minutes
  • Logic test (Non-Verbal Reasoning): 30 minutes

Benefits of AEAS

Schools in Australia use the AEAS Assessment Report and the students school grades in their evaluation of which schools they will be able to attend. AEAS will also help determine the student’s English level in case they will need to take further English courses to improve their English before attending regular courses.

Logic test of IQ test scores are also used to measure the true ability of each child. This is because there is no language barrier involved and the student can show their abilities and talents to the fullest as the test comprises only of pictures and symbols. It is believed that if the student gets a good score in this test, that they have the potential to develop faster in schools than other students.

In general, it takes approximately 2 weeks for AEAS to finish their evaluation. Students can ask for more details of their results at CETA.

Required Documents

  • 2-inch photo (4)
  • Transcript for the past 2 years (English version)
  • Copy of ID or Passport
  • Registration fee of AUD $480 (price as of February 1, 2016)

Please contact CETA 2-3 days in advance for AEAS registration. Call 02-712-5300

List of schools that require AEAS for admission

Billanook College, Firbank Grammar School, Geelong Grammar School, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC), Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC), The Geelong College, Toorak College, Wesley College, The Scots College, John Paul International College, St. Paul’s School, Prince Alfred College, and All Government Schools.

Download Application for AEAS Testing