AEAS Testing Centre / English Testing

The student’s level of English requirements will depend on the length of course and location. However, all long term study courses will require students to have an appropriate level of English to successfully participate in the course.

Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) is a middle school and high school entrance examination. Students could use the results of their AEAS examination as part of their application for a placement at any Australian school.

CETA has been appointed as one of the official centres to administer AEAS examinations. Students could take the examination at CETA’s office every day between 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM. Students are required to contact CETA to make an appointment 1 to 2 days in advance.

CETA has earned the trust of many schools in the UK to deliver pre-enrollment examinations-testing English, Math and Nonverbal skills. Students are able to take the test at CETA’s offices during working hours. Students are required to make an appointment with CETA 2-3 days beforehand. No charges will be incurred for students who have made an appointment prior to taking the tests. Individual schools may also require subject specific information and these may be done at CETA.

Schools have their own placement tests which are sent to CETA to administer.